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If you write the script for your local pantomime you will know how difficult it can be when you’re looking for that ‘special bit of nonsense’ – a comic song, an ugly sisters’ scene, a rhyming couplet or a comic song.- Now you have some help!

Pantomime producers know how expensive it can be to buy professional scripts and pay the performance royalties that go with it. Writing your own pantomime script also allows you to write parts to exactly suit the different abilities of each member of your cast.

The best pantomime stories are still the traditional tales we all grew up with – Dick Whittington, Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Babes in the Wood, Peter Pan etc., but finding new material to produce a different pantomime every year is not easy – until now!

Writing a pantomime script is not like any other form of writing! It is a play, a musical, a comedy, a tragedy; full of the worst kind of cruelty, audience-abuse and non-PC behaviour, with allowances for unscheduled interruptions from the audience and all in a mixture of the worse kind of jokes and slapstick comedy. With this bumper book of jokes, gags, routines, sketches, scenes, songs, rhyming couplets & pantomime magic, it’s now much easier to write a script that is just right for your pantomime.

Read more about the Write Your Own Panto eBookThe 'Write Your Own Panto' eBook contains hundreds of proven jokes, gags and bits of nonsense - all written and tested with live pantomime audiences and packed with lots of ‘business’ from ‘one-liners’ to complete scenes. All the material in this book has been audience tested and approved – an ‘at-your-elbow’ reference to help you write a modern pantomime with proven audience appeal.

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If you need help or advice,questions or comments relating to any of our scripts and books please contact me on pantomime2000@hotmail.com or 07767632585. Always willing to help.

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Pantomime Magic   Pantomime Pieces
Read more about the Pantomime Magic eBookPantomine is a world where the impossible become possible ... a world of fantasy. Pantomime Magic is a book to help you put some magic into your performance. Over 40 gags, stunts, illusions and bits of nonsense especially collected for use in your panto.

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  Read more about the Pantomime Pieces eBook STOP PRESS!
Now an enlarged 2nd edition of this popular book.
An amazing sixty pieces of pantomime nonsense ready for use in your next pantomime. These stand-alone comic routines, skits and gags have been audience tested and are available here in a convenient form to help you with your next production.

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